PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 169: Euro defences are terrified

Will Grigg Wikipedia

Wikipedia admins are terrified.

Will Grigg isn’t the only reason to keep an eye on Euro 2016. Personally, I’ll be watching to witness Gary Lineker’s continued transformation into Colonel Sanders – all he needs now is the iconic spectacles and Walkers have one heck of a southern fried dilemma. Ya hear me, partner?

Otherwise, it’s the perfect excuse to apply that ‘X’s on fire, Y is terrified’ formula to anything vaguely relevant. You know, like ‘Fellaini’s on fire, your McDonald’s is terrified‘.

Actually, screw the football. I want to see ‘Fast Food Deathmatch XXI: Gary ‘Colonel Sanders’ Lineker vs. Marouane ‘Ronald McDonaldinho’ Fellaini’ at Stade de France this month. You must make it happen, Big Brother!

Contents: Alan Whicker intros (0:00); Winnall’s On Fire: congratulations to Barnsley (and Hull) on your promotion (1:30); first signing of the summer & rumours (3:30); fake fixtures and fun friendlies (12:00); the north west welcomes back Owen Coyle (14:30); WAFC at the Walking Football League National Cup… with star centre back Barry! (18:00); Si’s Oddshecker: Will Grigg Special (20:00); PWU Does the Euro Championships (25:30) including the Group of Hunger (28:00), Kane and Vardy: world class? (29:40), Euro 2016 mini-quiz (40:30), official and unofficial pop songs (45:30) and predictions starring Cass the (Welsh?) Cat (48:30)

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Jezza's terrified

Unfortunately I can’t find a way to add audio to animated GIFs, so you’ll have to provide your own soundtrack for the above image.

What do you mean, ‘Will Grigg’s on Fire’? Don’t be silly! The correct music is, of course, this:

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