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View from the North Stand: Paul Doleman of Bert Trautmann’s Neck

For longer than I can remember, Wigan Athletic have had a special relationship with Man City that even George Bush and Tony Blair might recognise as a ‘friendship’. You see, it may be slightly

No time to mope: Villa preview

You might still be getting over Saturday’s dismal day at the Reebok Stadium this afternoon, but it’s time to put that to the back of your mind because there’s the chance for Latics to

View from the North Stand: Dan Fitch of

If you cast your mind back to November, you may remember a very special match preview for what proved to be a highly notable game in this season’s Premier League. Those who haven’t completely

Fired up for Flag Day: Bolton preview

Anybody who’s checked the official Latics site in the last couple of days will probably be aware of a promotion by club sponsors 188BET. If you remember back to December before the fixture was

Wigan 'Tesco' Athletic v Sunderland: Match preview

A bit of a pivotal game this weekend. It isn’t going to be the ‘be all and end all’ cup final match that’ll decide the fate of the club for the whole season, but

Big Match Preview: Wigan v Fulham

It feels weird waking up on the Saturday morning knowing you aren’t playing that day. Perhaps you’re out of the FA Cup in one of the early rounds or your match has been switched

Big North West derby preview: Burnley v Wigan

What, you thought I meant the Liverpool-Man U game? Not a chance. More local derby goodness to come this weekend, with a trip down the road to Turf Moor on Saturday. It’s a tasty