June 18, 2024
Evil genie

"My second wish is to have Colin Greenall back..."

Evil genie
“My second wish is to have Colin Greenall back…”

“We always do well in the FA Cup. Can’t the rest of the season be cup ties?”

I think a genie was floating around when I made that request a couple of weeks ago, because after this weekend, we’re into the realms of playoff football. Attempting to predict the outcome would be as foolish as the six blokes sitting around a library table one dull(ish) April evening… speaking of which, care to guess what we were previewing? Why, the Wigan Jazz Festival, of course.

It’s worth listening to the end to find out exactly who made it into our All Time Latics Best XIs, because there are one or two surprises. Mainly due to the fact we scribbled them down two minutes before the ‘cast began like schoolchildren dodging homework once again. “JWAW, your handwriting’s terrible! And cut down on the superfluous hyphens and ellipses…”

Contents: Getting shirty with the intros (0:00); blink-n-you’ll-miss-it Blackpool report (2:10); Birmingham autopsy (3:25); playoffs preview – who’s it gonna be? (9:55); the Blackburn masterplan (17:55) including is there any point? (30:00); Trophy Time: PWU Podcast Player of the Season (30:40); Homework report – Latics Best XIs (38:00); This week’s task: Worst XIs! (47:10); Playoff Dreamin’ (50:00)

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Who ya gonna call
Dear Derek, why have we been out of work for ten years? (c)Usien

The season may be over, but in truth it has only just begun. Follow Wigan Athletic’s progress in the pulsating playoffs through the eyes of a group of hopeless Latic fanatics with the PWU iTunes, RSS and app pages. Forget the FA Cup Final or UK Tiddlywinks Championships, *this* is the real big money competition you all want to see. In fact I believe Alan Sugar has purchased the rights to show the Final on Amstrad TV… it’ll be broadcast in fully-retro Mode 7 green screen.

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2 thoughts on “PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 86: Live from South Whitley

  1. Oh wow, it’s Barry! Everyone act natural.

    “Yes sir, the shirt was very good. Can I go to the toilet please, sir?” 😛

    (The t-shirt was great, I really should have given artoffootball’s stuff more web coverage.)

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