June 17, 2024
Turn off your TV

Turn your TV off and your radio on, because PWU is here! (c)Gorgalore

Pressing that play button will be like switching on this electrical appliance from Alex Ferguson’s office. (c)Lewis Ronald

Before you boot up this week’s edition of the Progress With Unity Podcast, I must warn you to perform a 25-point check of your home/place of work/the bus you are travelling on right now. Ensure all windows and doors are firmly closed and that no fragile glassware or small animals are in earshot, because regardless of your best intentions, items may well be damaged.

From time to time, there is an episode that consigns any semblance of politeness and decorum to the waste heap. This is because PWU is a fancast, and our inherent love for Wigan Athletic Football Club transcends any and all thoughts of professionalism. Not since the ‘Coyle Out’ edition has the studio been as heated – even our resident chef had to step out for a second. Although I actually think he was going for a cigarette.

If a shed of water could physically exist, then this might be it. Tune in next week for the epic conclusion in a five hour long stream liiiive from the DW Stadium! Or just the usual pre-recorded ranting, because we have yet to decide what will happen.

YouTube version

Contents: Pseudo-introductions (0:00); Brentford/Millwall mega-rant including Superstatman (1:00), not enough bookings (2:10), not enough wins (14:30), not enough stability (22:28), and Espin-Rozla 2.0 (24:50); The Big Question: Rosler Out? (28:40); Derby preview with Joel of Rams View (34:00) including Steve McClaren – let’s see what you could have won (36:40), QPR: name on the playoff trophy (42:20), silencing the Derby roar (46:40) and scoreline/clerical predictions (49:00)

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Turn off your TV
Turn your TV off and your radio on, because PWU is here! (c)Gorgalore

Ordinarily, a debate consists of representatives from opposing sides voicing their opinion with equal ferocity. It is telling, then, that one of the sides in this week’s argument almost completely silences the other before the hour is out. I went into this recording sat firmly in the middle, but the sheer anger of particular parties was almost enough for me to jump from the barbed wire fence into the garden *not* owned by Mr Rosler. But note my use of the word ‘almost’ there.

To be honest, the explosive discussion did shock me. I have no idea how on earth we’re going to follow that, but you might want to bookmark PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages to be notified when the next edition is released. Here’s a hint: it’ll probably be 10pm on Wednesday night. Or 6.30 on Thursday, if you’re more of a JWAW person… and I know you all are!

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