June 18, 2024

"Oh no, why did I build a trapdoor in my front roooooooo-"

"Oh no, why did I build a trapdoor in my front roooooooo-"
“It’s your own fault for building a trapdoor in the middle of the living room. I mean, who does that?!”

Ah, cheer up! Far better teams than Wigan Athletic have slipped through the divisions after tasting the sweetest of glories – remember when Manchester United completely vanished, only to re-appear at the bottom of the league ladder? Wait, waddaya mean that was FC United, a completely different team? So you’re saying Man United still exist? Wow, the TV companies must really have forgotten about them… talk about true obscurity.

I swear that wasn’t meant as a dig at anything but football as a commercial entity. I mean, we’re not exactly in a position to criticise, are we? But as Noddy Holder might say 3 billion times every December, we must ‘look to the future now – it’s only just begun’… then again, he couldn’t spell ‘we’re’ or ‘crazy’, so maybe I should choose my 70s glam rock icons carefully next time.

While the Player of the Season was being announced, the PWU team were simultaneously picking their own ‘Non-Players of the Season’, namely those who featured more for other clubs than their supposed ‘parent club’ Wigan Athletic. Are these men responsible for the club’s relegation, or does blame lie elsewhere? I would suggest the latter – clearly, those black shorts are a bad omen.

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Contents: Sombre intros (0:00); mercifully ‘statless’ Wolves review (2:00) with the two Pauls (4:30), Wigan Athletic strikerless matches (7:22), goodbye, Jimmy McClean (8:40) and Captain Cald’s changes (12:10); what went wrong? (13:40) Recruitment last summer (1700), Sharpy’s statement – investing in youth (21:10) and nurturing a striker (27:00); ‘first class’ Brentford preview (29:00) including feisty predictions (30:00) and impromptu keeper chat (31:40); Latics Legends match for Joseph’s Goal (33:00)

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“You just dropped the cup, Davey D!”

If mistakes can only make you stronger, then Progress With Unity is surely the greatest Wigan Athletic podcast that ever existed. Granted, it is the only regular Latics podcast, but that’s against the point! Wigan may lose half their squad over the summer, but the PWU regulars have signed lifetime contracts involving jars of Uncle Joe’s Mint Ball flavoured pie kebabs. Ha-hah, and you thought we hated perpetuating those 19th century stereotypes!

In other words, we’ll definitely be back next year… well, unless the werewolf apocalypse happens or something. Ensure you carry silver bullets at all times and pray to the footballing gods that every full moon is a peaceful one if you wish to hear our sweet, angelic voices once again. Wigan summers are dangerous with all those cryptids wandering around in broad daylight, so use PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages to find out which panellists will be ‘snatched‘ on a week-by-week basis. To the Turbocycle!

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