June 18, 2024

"Now let's see here. McCann in goal, Jordy Hiwula in central defence..."

"Now let's see here. McCann in goal, Jordy Hiwula in central defence..."
“Now let’s see here. McCann in goal, Jordy Hiwula in central defence…”

Crikey! We’re barely into October and the Jose Mourinho squad rotation is already creeping into Captain Cald’s team sheet composition. I like to think he sits in front of his Brother typewriter and painstakingly constructs them with one finger, letter by letter… because that’s certainly what I would do. In fact it formed the central part of my latest application for Wigan Athletic manager… last month.

I… er…haven’t received a reply yet. But I’ll sit here in front of my letter box until the Walsall game arrives. Yep, all I need is my weekly episode of the PWU Podcast and I’m set for 48 bum-numbing hours of Fanta swilling bliss.

*Sound of a can opening*

Ah, it says here that this episode is “one long moan about moaners, with plenty of hot air and bad Stuart Hall impressions”. Just the thing to fill my ears on repeat for two consecutive days…

YouTube version

Contents: Rappin’ intros (0:00); Oldham ‘n’ Foldham: Battle of the Latics review with Gareth’s From The Terrace report (0:40) including Let’s Oldh On… (5:19) and Flores’ cards of destiny (8:40); Millwall review including Dan’s on-the-whistle report (10:10), Statman and Jacobs: Too Good Fer Thee, Lad (15:00); Moanception: a moan about moaners (20:30); Fleetwood whacked, Alexander gone (24:10); an amusing/cautionary injury tale (26:00); Walsall preview with How To Win The Half Time Game (29:30), saddle up for Simon’s preview and Oddschecker (31:30); Millwall moan overspill and Crewe JPT preview (39:10); Walsall predictions (41:20)

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Dom Joly big phone
“Yeah… I’m filming a TV show. I’ll call you back in 20 seconds.” (c)Channel 4

Sorry I couldn’t record my Latics-Millwall voice report at the DW Stadium, but I had a 9.55pm bus to catch. I *could* have broken out my voice recorder on the bus, but I’m fairly certain the driver would have thrown me off some three miles from my house. I mean, it’s one thing to conduct a phone conversation in public (and goodness knows every loudmouth Dom Joly type loves to do so), but one-person monologues seem a lot less comfortable for some reason.


Oh, hold on a second.

“Hello? Yeah. Yeah… I’m writing a blog post. OK, yep. Yeah. Go to the PWU Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages and I’ll call you back when I’m in a congested train carriage. Yeah, ciao.”

(Throws phone into River Dougie.)

Blasted telemarketers… this is costing me thousands in SIM card bills.

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