June 16, 2024

(c)BEIN Sports

(c)BEIN Sports
“I knew we shouldn’t have played this crucial cup qualifier in Manchester.” (c)BEIN Sports

As I type, a mysterious substance is trickling down my window pane, leaving behind a suspicious trail of sandy residue. Upon further inspection, this appears to be the material they call ‘rain’ – yes, I believe I’ve heard it mentioned by the 100,000ft man that towers over the United Kingdom. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen him in his televisual broadcasts talking about isobars and how he’s so much more reliable than some bloke named Michael Fish.

Er, oh yeah! I remember now – ‘Rain’ was man of the match in that abandoned swimming contest at Hillsborough a couple of years back. It’s all coming back to me… rain is the wet version of snow, right? And according to the notes left on my desk, it returns from central Manchester in October each year. Hey, wait a minute – this is just my train ticket from Saturday!

Ahh, Gigg Lane. As Barry so ably put it in a pseudo-sentence: “goals, Holt, Junior, formation, fans, no beer on sale, Flitcroft, the referee, Barnett fall”. All of these issues are fully explained in fifty minutes of shimmering new PWU Podcast from the non-rainy Book Cycle Studios in Gidlow Hill, so load it on down without tarry!

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Contents: Birthday intros – congratulations, Paul! (0:00); The Gigg Issue: Bury review with Barry’s Off The Terrace report (1:30) including Statman Scoop (6:50), Holtmaster Comeback Status: Complete (9:20), Barnett’s ad hoarding limbo & Rob’s ball boy impersonations (12:40) and formation summation (18:00); Doctor Barry’s injury update (23:20); Dan’s Colchester preview ably read by Kathryn (25:20) with Si’s Odds Checker and predictions (33:00); Simon’s Supporters Club Summary (36:10); posh Peterborough preview (40:50) with chicken or beer? (47:00)

Ad break: Storm in an (expensive) tea-cup at Peterborough United

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Don't Yanic!
You must be kidding, Jonesy! He’s the first name on the team sheet. (c)BBC

Hey, wait a sec! Before you leave, I want you to stay behind after school for some extra curricular tuition. Headmaster Caldwell KC (Kop Conqueror) is holding a 4pm meeting with representatives from various fansites and ‘zines to discuss his preferred breakfast arrangements and the like. At least, I seem to remember Malky Mackay talking about marmalade at a previous engagement… or was that in his Great British Bake Off programme notes?

In any case, JWAW and PWU will being going QVC to the B2B (*head explodes*) to bring you Ince-tant coverage. No, really – I’m in Lower Ince and can’t make the event. Still, PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages will have sufficient info thanks to our extensive network of on location reporters camping out at Stade DW. Expect there to be questions about Leon Barnett’s limbo dancing career…

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