June 18, 2024
Washing time machine

"Not only does it transport you through time, but it gets your socks whiter than white too."

Washing time machine
“Not only does it transport you through time, but it gets your socks whiter than white too.”

Great Scott! You can forget all this televisual film time travel fakery – I really did go back in time on Sunday morning. At 2am, I loaded up teletext to watch the clock skip back exactly 60 minutes, giving me the rare opportunity to relive the previous hour of my life.

Now, I would like to pose the following question: What would you do if you were given an hour of your life back? Would you watch extended highlights of the 2013 FA Cup Final, or maybe listen to three back-to-back episodes of the Progress With Unity Podcast at 500% speed? Or maybe you’d do what I did, namely fall asleep – it was 1 o’clock in the morning, after all. Huh, so much for ‘claiming back the hour of time summer so cruelly stole from me’.

This week, the PWU team forget to speak about time travel and teletext, but there is a surprisingly incident-filled 1-1 draw to dissect with a plutonium flux capacitor knife. Also, we drew Bury in the FA Cup – more on that in the editorial section below.

By the way, never search for ‘time travel’ on Google or you might actually lose hours of your life! And you have my permission to use that one in the pub on Saturday.

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Contents: Aborted Halloween intros [see Xmas tape] (0:00); Bradford review with Adam’s Off The Terrace Report (1:20) including by any means necessary (4:00), Bradford cornering skill (11:30), PWU Better Grounds Guide (14:20), playoffs here we come (17:50); re-booking the FA Cup parade bus (20:30) and FC United vs Television (22:50); Players of the Season Thus Far & Wildschut wanted? (25:00); Swindon preview with Mick’s extensive scouting report [radio edit] (28:50) and Si’s Promotion & Relegation Odds Checker (35:50); Making Plans for Nigel Miller (38:15)

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Yep... it's a car! Image Courtesy Jay Ohrberg's Hollywood Cars.
Yep… it’s a car! Image Courtesy Jay Ohrberg’s Hollywood Cars.

Hello, Shakers, my old friends! This season, it appears Bury are ‘that team’. You know, the one you seem to play every other weekend for one reason or other, be it through repeated abandonments or oddly synchronous cup draws. I so very nearly commented on this following that 2-2 draw with the Shakers the other weekend, before I decided to rant about officiating in the Canon League Division Three. Er, I mean Spar Jet League One, or something.

Still, it gives me a Bury good chance to use that Bury annoying pun which I can’t quite place at the moment. But don’t worry, for I will locate it by next weekend! I shall allocate my spare ‘Back To The Past’ sixty minutes, which I have been saving for such an occasion, to fumbling blindly through ‘that drawer’ filled with thirteen seasons of Latics branded scarves, woolly hats and fanzines with the pages stuck together. I’ll let you know via the PWU Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages when I’ve found it.

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