June 16, 2024
Don Cowieloni

Notice I didn't say 'Cowie-loanie'.

Don Cowieloni
Notice how it doesn’t say ‘Cowie-loanie’.

I’m sorry, I can’t view this transfer window as anything but a dismal failure. Because Big GC opted not to launch bids for Gary Dicker, Rod Fanni and David Goodwillie, small time internet weblogs will be forced to recycle the same Max Power memes posted in early August! Good job everybody has forgotten about them now, eh?

Alright, they might not have crude names. But those 3,928 players parachuted from the outermost megabytes of Championship Manager 2016 are surely worth more to Wigan Athletic than a single £18m panic buy at 10.20pm.

Ahh, who cares about signings anyway? Last time I checked, you could win a football match with any old bunch of Sunday League boozers. (Insert reference to a particular Premier League season here. [Oooh, which one is he talking about?])

But now, I’m hungry. Bring on the Sheff… United, that is.

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Contents: Wet ‘n’ windy winter-os (0:00); Port Vale review with PWU’s From The Studio report (1:40), Grigg hat trick and crazy football (3:00), Colclough & Morsy Solicitors (6:00) and ‘wicked’ attendances (11:00); table talk (13:00) including Crash and Burnton Albion? (16:00); Transfer Window Wipe with Barry Brooker (19:00) including Holtwatch Final Edition (23:00) and Free Don Cowie-loni (25:00); U18s vs Man City (26:30) with extra time on extra time (27:00) & for Callum Lang read David Lowe (31:00); Sheffield United preview (32:00) including a comedic Refwatch (33:00), classroom predictions [with blatant copying] (36:00) and Si’s Oddschecker (37:10); automatic promotion?! (40:00)

Fartwatch – The Wind of Change: 28:30

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I’m sorry, guys, but I have some bad news.

Sharpey transfer window

Er, ‘leaner’? This can only mean one thing: Grant Holt has been released. Into the wild, like the stallion that he is. Shaun Dyche, you’re free to call him all you like now. (Warning: some rude words in that video!)

If you can bear to move your finger after that crushing news, please be aware that PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages will provide counselling (AKA a £1 bar of Galaxy Caramel) upon request.

Now you can go back to sleep until the next window opens. — Jim White

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