June 16, 2024

The elusive Davidus Chairmanus Sharpus doesn’t give many interviews. He’s very careful who he talks to about his nights out on King Street and jagerbombs in the Wembley royal box.

I don’t know what ‘Jagger bombs’ are, but I presume they may be a rather explosive dance created by that happy clapping lead singer of the Rolling Stones. You know, that Mick Jagielka chap. Anyway…

In general, filming around the DW Stadium has been regarded as highly suspicious activity since Murdoch’s Press Circus last visited Wigan during the never-to-be-mentioned-again 2014/15 season.

Yes, sometimes it’s better to be left in blissful obscurity. Wigan’s newest rock star has been able to acclimatise himself to his new position without the Poolstock Paparazzi snapping him falling out of a King Street chip shop with Keith Richards of a Friday evening.

Yet Sharpy clearly trusts the BBC enough to let them shoot a 6-minute piece for their Newsbeat magazine.

Not all ran smooth, however. Local legend has it that filming was interrupted by a timely call from Mr Whelan, who had allegedly managed to fish his phone out of the sea somewhere off the coast of Barbados. Sharpe did indeed confirm that Grandad’s Nokia 1932 had been reported missing, presumed shark food. But to everyone’s relief, the device was retrieved!

But is there any dirt on Grandson? Well, we haven’t seen enough of young Mr Sharpe to know whether he, like his grand pappy, will strum the media like Ronnie Wood does Fender Telecasters.

At the very least, we now know he enjoys warming up his gramophone with a spot of R&B and ‘deep house’. Which I presume is a new form of underground music popularised by modern beat combo Bilbo Baggins. Who aren’t quite the Rolling Stones, but close enough.

Most importantly of all, the wider Wigan Athletic family remains a very friendly, approachable one. As the BBC footage will testify, even Mr Chairman himself is partial to the odd ‘Selfie with Sharpy’… but only after he’s had his make up applied.

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