June 17, 2024
Vardy seethes


Vardy seethes
“Excuse me, my dear referee, but you appear to have a small fly on the tip of your nose.”

Three more to go. 270 minutes plus however many minutes of injury time those blasted officials dig from the deepest recesses of their sofas’ gargantuan butt creases.

Three more afternoons to bemoan the death of the traditional 3pm kickoff. Three more days spent jammed into pathetically tiny train carriages bound for Victorian platforms with crumbling architecture.

Three more times to breathe deeply and watch an inflatable sphere roll around reclaimed sand for an hour and a half. Three more football matches for the PWU team to become very nervous about.

…Unless there are also playoff matches, that is. But such words are tantamount to blasphemy… let’s finish this job now!

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Contents: Tense intros (0:00); Dan Costa ruminations with Si’s Off The Terrace report (1:10), complacent or restraint? (5:00) And Perkins vs Vardy (7:30); Burton thoughts with Si’s second Off The Terrace report (10:20) including Naylor’s on fire, your defence is terrified (14:30), the Brewers may get caught (17:00) but what if they aren’t? (19:40); Dutch Masters breaking team news (22:30); Southend pier-view (24:10) including Si’s pier-less Oddschecker (30:00) and pier-dictions (31:30); what happens next? (35:20); Ticket price inflation and a gentle zine reminder (42:00)

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Munich sausages
“Crikey, that’s lucky! An all-you-can-eat hot dog bar right here in the dugout…”

When Liverpool reached half time in their Europa League Quarter Final tie with Borussia Dortmund 2-0 down, the only thing I could think of was Latics vs. West Ham in 2011. After 45 minutes, it was already lost… with a minute to go, it was already won.

Is it a myth that German people like sausages? I just so happened to be in Liverpool on Thursday afternoon and spotted numerous gentlemen in fluorescent yellow tops and scarves buying hot dogs. “They’re not quite as good as the ones we have in Dortmund,” said one supporter, totally oblivious to the cheesy stereotype he just helped perpetuate.

He is right, though – German sausages are of higher quality than English ones. Just the opposite of their respective national football teams then…

(Oooh, das ist fighting talk!)

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