June 18, 2024
Duck using phone

"I'll get through for these Blackpool tickets any day now..."

Duck using phone
“I’ll get through for these quackin’ Blackpool tickets any day now…”

Got your snow boots and parka ready? Good, because Blackpool beach beckons and I don’t like the look of that weather forecast. Forget sandcastles, you’d be better served building snowcastles! Fetch the mop bucket and shovel, I fancy making a snow-Caldwell…

Hard to believe it’s almost August and Latics’ latest campaign to crush the Championship is about to begin. I’m tipping Marc-Antoine Fortune and Grant Holt to be top scorers for Uwe Rosler this season as chairman Dave Whelan aims for third successive FA Cup Semi Final.

Wait, er… what year is this again? And why is it hailstoning in April? Is this a dream, mother?

On this week’s particularly smug edition of the PWU Podcast, your confident panellists explain why it was never once in doubt… and how ducks can decide the outcome of this championship. But that bit was mostly cut out, so the above pic makes little sense…

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Contents: Well mint intros, our kid (0:00); Shrimpers on the barbie: Southend review (0:40) with Si-Man’s Off The Terrace report (1:20), Southend = Wigan without parachute payments? (7:30) and offensive chat (11:30); Paint Trophy coming back to Wigan (14:00) and phantom red cards (15:30); masterful Joseph’s Goal legends game preview (23:00); mythical Blackpool preview (28:20) including 36-point deductions (29:00), Mick’s Blackpool scouting report (33:00), Si’s Seaside Oddschecker (35:00) and (abandonment) pre-duck-tions (36:00); it’s all the ducks’ fault! (40:00)

Fartwatch: 18:30, 26:30

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Yanic ostrich
(c)Yanic W

How could I write a post about mascots and neglect to mention this chap? He’s Yanic’s greatest role model, an ever-present emotional supporter and all-round fluffy guy. Ozzy the Ostrich, I’d ride you instead of a cloth Muppet wannabe any day!

And on that note, remember not to stick your head in the sand… er, snow this Saturday, because you’re gonna miss all the ‘fun’.

NB. Contrary to what Barry says at the end of this edition, there are still two podcasts to record this season, plus the playoff special when Latics are de-duck-ted 12 points…

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