June 18, 2024
Marouane Fellaini


Marouane Fellaini
Fellaini: mysterious comb-related injury? (c)NickSarebi

Ladies and gentlemen, JWAW announces its triumphant return to cheesy headline writing with the imminent arrival of Manchester United’s Will Keane. Not that we’ve ever been away, but young Will (not to be confused with Will Young) has an extremely tabloid-friendly surname which you might be hearing a few more times before we’re Banned From The Internet™.

How did Latics’ international contingent fare? Are we guilty of forum-esque uber-positive happy clapping? And just how good are Mott the Hoople these days? Find the answer to… none of these in between the thirteen hours of cut content, which will go together to form a radio show all of its own. Maybe.

Contents: International round-up: England & internationals (0:00); LoanWatch: Willy B Keane to join? (10:30); Nouha Dicko: Rubbish? (15:00); Ivan Ramis recovery update (19:49); Brighton preview (23:32) including StatMan (25:53)

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Progress With Unity is currently the only Wigan Athletic fan podcast on the web. If you wish to get involved or have any topics you’d like to be discussed, please get in touch with Barry at wigan@vitalfootball.co.uk, marking your email PWU Podcast.

This has been a record week for the podcast, with the number of listeners reaching double figures for the first time this season. Looks like those shameless plugs for PWU’s iTunes, RSS and app pages are finally paying off!

Jeez, this time next week we could be mentioned on TalkSport or something. Actually, I have been asked to feature in their programming at least once… wow, must have been a really quiet news week. Still, they were right about Roberto Martinez being too rubbish to win anything. [Insert irony mark here.]

Potential competition for next week: submit your best Keane-related puns! Uh oh, is that the Internet Police at my door? Crumbs, if I’m not back before Saturday, please don’t go looking on my hard drives. Dangit, you’re going to do it now I’ve said that, aren’t you?

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