June 19, 2024
Keane's Tom Chaplin

Owen Coyle has revealed the club WILL attempt to push through a deal for a KEANE young addition to the squad in the next 24 hours. Without naming any names (cough), the Latics boss has admitted discussions are ‘moving in the right direction’ and hopes to have a loan move ‘sorted by close of play tomorrow (Thursday)’.

Unlike other, supposedly more reliable sources, JWAW admits to making up silly facts and observations to embellish some of its articles*. But on this occasion, the following video courtesy Latics Official seems to provide irrefutable evidence:

The Scottish Supremo (heh) has dropped a subtle clue as to exactly who the ‘new face’ might be in saying he is ‘very young and exciting’. From this we can gather one, more or fewer of the following:

  • It is a 10-year-old wunderkind he plucked from the obscurity of the Soccerdome car park.
  • It is Harry Potter.

As Coyle says, however, it would be remiss of us to reveal anything before the contract is officially ‘signed and sealed’. Instead, enjoy this totally unrelated video of a randomly selected footballer in his recent comeback ‘special’.


Today’s Wigan Evening Post suggests a deal for a striker, whom the former Bolton manager has been monitoring for ‘a number of years’, has been verbally agreed. The only thing that would sabotage this now, it would seem, is small-time internet bloggers stepping in to ruin the surprise, so we shall refrain from speculating any further. You’ll have to wait until Christmas morning to open your presents.


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