Wigan 1-1 Middlesbrough: Association hypnoball

Well, thank goodness for that, eh? Normally we are grateful of an international break, but I have never been more relieved to see some actual footballing action than this afternoon. Forget the blatant hypocrisy

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 106: Mackaye or Macnay?

One is aware that these are the first words one has committed to blog-shaped iPaper (copyright Apple) since that fateful 4pm announcement last Thursday. It is a great pity that managerial sackings do not

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 105: You Are The Chairman

As PWU’s monthly bandwidth quota nears its limit, the team must squeeze all their worldly gripes into a radio schedule-friendly 45 minute package. With seven panellists in the studio, it’s as daunting a task

Bolton 3-1 Wigan: It has to end here

What’s this, eh? I thought the only Friday in professional football was Lillestrom’s Nigerian striker Fred Friday, but apparently this most revered of pre-weekend days hosts matches now. Hmm, let me consult the archives…

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 104: T’B of T’Bang

Nope, I ain’t gonna do it again. Just because Friday’s T’Classico is LIVE on BeeSkyBee’s frivolous Friday Night Football, I won’t stoop so low as to cart out the big Americanisation stereotypes, mainly because

Brighton 1-0 Wigan: Beam me back (to 2006), Scotty

It’s only on a bitterly cold south coast Tuesday evening you realise that winter has truly struck. Not that I was anywhere other than Wigan tonight, but if the Falmer Stadium is anything like