Roberto’s ‘Other’ Victories

This article first appeared in All Gone Latics 06, May 2015. Everybody knows about Roberto Martinez’s greatest successes. They’re immortalised in banners above the Grand Arcade, specially themed season review DVDs and doodles of

Let’s Talk About (Tele)Text, Baby

This article first appeared in All Gone Latics 01, October 2014. July 1998 was a wonderful month for the young JWAW. For one thing, he had the luxury of replacing his yellowing Wigan Evening

Progress With Unity Podcast Special: False starts and bloopers reel

OK, I’ll admit we haven’t been the chirpiest bunch this year… or at least, that’s the way it might seem. It is hoped that this week’s podcast, the second in a series of summertime

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 128: Emmerson Boyce exclusive interview summer special… pullout poster inside!

Stop right there, dear reader! Sorry to interrupt your hard-earned first ice cream of the summer, but we thought you might want to hear this. Progress With Unity has returned for our traditional close

[Video] Emmerson Boyce, This is Your Life – the whole thing

Wait, don’t events like this generally occur in a player’s benefit year? Well, considering our current contract situation, Progress With Unity simply couldn’t take the chance of waiting another 12 months for Boycey’s big

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 127: The Boyce are here to entertain you

Surprise! I bet you never expected the PWU team to organise something as large scale as an Emmerson Boyce tribute night at the North Stand Marquee. There again, it’s really just a slightly expanded

Brentford 3-0 Wigan: Blue Monday

(Well, Tuesday, seeing as this didn’t publish on time…) It’s a weird feeling, you know. To come face to face with the final game of the season and have naught but a McFastFood ‘luncheon’