PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 84: More Pointless discussion

To make a Wembley sandwich, you most certainly require a delicious filling. Once you’ve developed a taste for the place you immediately crave more, and Easter Weekend provides an early chance to pilfer some

Wigan 1-1 Arsenal AET (2-4 on pens): Reality check?

“You see that FA Cup and you want to get hold of it, you want to kiss it. There’s something about it that’s magical.” — Dave Whelan on the little tin drinking vessel. There’s

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 83: A home from home

Considering what’s to come on Saturday, it’s surprising that the Progress With Unity Podcast team are heavily cheesed off. Or maybe it isn’t, seeing as Tuesday night’s excuse for entertainment will most likely take

Wigan 0-1 Millwall: Hearts at home, minds elsewhere

At times like this I wonder whether the Football League fixtures really are computer generated, or if they pay a little man to sit at his desk with an unsharpened HB and Filofax. Do

Wembley Week Special: Pages From JWAW Text

That grandiose title might suggest a juicy week of freshly-squeezed opinion pieces here at JWAW, but don’t hold your breath – you can bet I’ll have exhausted my supply of Wembley-related quips by tomorrow

Wigan 1-0 Leeds: Before they were famous

You’ve probably seen them shuffling through the pubs and restaurants of Wigan town centre in their nylon ‘I heart Division Three’ T-shirts and faux-plastic ‘Hutchings 4Ever’ baseball caps. They’re the Latics hipsters, a hardy