PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 138: The Road to Rambley Stadium

Zzzzz… snore. Muh-Maloney into Watsurrrn… yeah… zzzZzzzZzz… Huh, what? Why’d you have to wake me when I was dreaming of Wembley again? Well, while we’re on the subject for the 3,094,874th day in a

Crewe 2-3 Wigan: Paint seen nothin’ yet

Never underestimate the role of entertainment in modern society. Without it, we are relegated to the role of a mere machine, performing the same three repetitive tasks until our motherboard melts to a sticky

Wigan 0-0 Walsall: ‘Zine it in the stars

Today’s post is dedicated to the programme and fanzine sellers that populate the bridge over the River Pie. With the return of Cockney Latic earlier this year, there are now three independent Wigan Athletic

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 137: You gotta know when to Oldham

Crikey! We’re barely into October and the Jose Mourinho squad rotation is already creeping into Captain Cald’s team sheet composition. I like to think he sits in front of his Brother typewriter and painstakingly

Wigan 2-2 Millwall: If you’re gonna do it, do it properly

Today’s post is rated 15 by the LBBC (Latics Board of Blog Classification) due to violent situations. And before we proceed, JWAW would like to point out that it doesn’t condone lashing out, at

Oldham 1-1 Wigan: Lactic fantastic

Hmm, Latics vs Latics… wait, this could get very messy indeed – we require a non-controversial naming convention here. I can only use ‘Oldham’ and ‘Wigan’ so many times before Google Penguin (or whatever

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 136: Autumnal equi-detox

Yesterday was the first day of autumn, and it really doesn’t surprise me. Because even though Saturday’s game played out under sunny skies, the DW surface betrayed the true time of year. Minds were