Sheffield United 0-2 Wigan: Cluckin’ brilliant

“I’ve done it, Grandad,” he said, slamming down the phone receiver. “Done what, Grandson? The transfer window has been closed for five days now.” “I’ve signed Nando’s for Wigan Robin Park! Now we won’t

PWU Podcast Extra: Wigan Athletic U18 vs Man City U18

You’re just wondering what happened to this week’s From The Terrace reports, aren’t you? I know as much because I have the power of hypnotic suggestion. Look deep into my eyes and repeat after

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 154: A loan in the dark

I’m sorry, I can’t view this transfer window as anything but a dismal failure. Because Big GC opted not to launch bids for Gary Dicker, Rod Fanni and David Goodwillie, small time internet weblogs

Wigan U18 1-3 Man City U18 (AET): Surprisingly posh

Let’s be brutally honest – Ben Watson probably means nothing to Manchester City fans. Yeah, some might have suffered mildly bruised egos when Sir Benjamin leapt to defeat Joe Hart from 6 yards, but

Wigan 3-0 Port Vale: The Grigg Frost

Well, viewers, it’s been a busy week here at the JWAW Transfer Window. Staring at this pane of frosted glass for seven long days, I have just about been able to distinguish the figure

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 153: Queer as fork

Fans of matchday minutiae, get a load of this! Stade Deedub has hosted its FAB-tastic (mostly) bi-monthly meeting to discuss pies, beer and plastic forks (thanks to the All Gone Latics fanzine for that

Crewe 1-1 Wigan: Moneyball

Being a football supporter is ruddy awful. You work 40 hours a week to pay £300+ for the train, ticket, hotel, bus, coach, pie and toilet turnstile just so you can watch 22 blokes