Wigan 0-0 Brentford: Rosler-Forshaw Saga Autumn (Not So) Special

At approximately 3am this morning, I awoke with a start screaming “Delort, nooo!” Although it might seem unusual coming from President of the Happy Clappy Club Wigan branch, I promise you it’s true –

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 101: Car crash radio

Pay no attention to that suspicious bulge that makes the PWU rug look a bit like Santa’s ever-growing pre-Xmas sack. It certainly is *not* the plans for an open forum we attempted to sweep

Teletext is back… in mug form, thanks to p302.co.uk

All three of JWAW’s regular readers should know all too well the joys of teletext – I can’t go a whole post (or even fanzine article, hint hint) without breaking into a nostalgic monologue

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast Open Forum, Wed 15 October 2014

Dear reader, You are cordially invited to the recording of Progress With Unity’s first open forum, which will take place on Wednesday 15th October at the Beech Hill Book Cycle Studios at 7pm. Refreshments

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 100: Centuriffic

Now we’ve crashed through the big one-oh-oh, it’s time to finally come clean about the PWU Podcast. It’s all thrown together at the last minute and recorded in a poorly-lit corner of the local

Wolves 2-2 Wigan: Is it a Perch? Is it a McClean?

*Alcohol-fuelled studio audience applauds wildly* “And the final contestant to play our first game is… Marc-Antoine Fortune! Come on down and join fellow contestants Leon Barnett and Nouha Dicko for our big money ‘Guess