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Man United 4 Wigan 0: We’re watching you

It’s true – we do act differently when we know we’re being observed. Sociology has named this phenomenon the Hawthorne effect. Okay, so Mr Cadbury Q. Hawthorne (otherwise known as Henry A. Landsberger) probably

Why Sam Morsy’s sweatband is magical

It has yet to be placed on the list of banned headgear alongside bowler hats, feather bonnets and those baseball caps with helicopter blades you see in Looney Tunes cartoons. Amazing! It’s made from

Wigan 2 Brentford 1: Morsymania

And now, dear reader: a special announcement from the one and onlyyyy Warrington Jaaaay Jooooyce. “This is a message fer allt’ Beemaniacs ‘eading down to Robin Park Square Garden on Sat’dy afternoon at 3pm,

Good tidings we bring – Joycey is our king!

Verily, this is Warren’s Column. Oh sorry, where are my 12th Manners? It’s King Warren’s Column! My word, I do hope I’m not beheaded for that remark… The Wigan Athletic press conference room, replete

Burton 0 Wigan 2: Golden Knights

Alright, so despite the hammyteur Twitter meteorologists’ predictions, it never did snow in Burton upon Trent today. But on Friday morning, the Met Office (presumably a wild new joint venture of the Metro newspaper

Who left that window open?

The football transfer window is the exemplification of Sturgeon’s Law, namely: ‘ninety percent of everything is rubbish’. Except in this case, that remaining ten percent of players wish to spend transfer deadline day suckling

Wigan 2 Nottingham Forest 0: Edge of Tomorrow

Please welcome Warren Garton Joyce, Wigan Athletic’s newest and foremost ‘edgelord’. The sort of guy who, like a dog, watches you eat for fifteen minutes before snatching that precious final morsel of tuna casserole