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Stickin’ it to the fan: news from the world of football sticker art

After a particularly exhausting weekend, I believe it is time to relax for a moment with some news from the world of art, specifically of the football sticker variety. In August last year, I

All Gone Latics #3 – fanzine on sale now!

I am told that a batch of shiny new fanzines arrived at the All Gone Latics office this afternoon. However, since there are only a limited number available, I suggest you order a copy

All Gone Latics – new fanzine on sale now

Until the internet came along, I always wanted to write or compile my own fanzine. Hence, I like to pay particular attention when changes in the Latics paper-based ‘zine scene are afoot. I’ve been

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast Open Forum, Wed 15 October 2014

Dear reader, You are cordially invited to the recording of Progress With Unity’s first open forum, which will take place on Wednesday 15th October at the Beech Hill Book Cycle Studios at 7pm. Refreshments

Walk4Joseph: A gentleman will walk but never run

Fancy a brisk walk on Saturday morning? Then why not join the Joseph’s Goal Walk4Joseph heading from the DW to Bolton’s Reebok Stadium? It’s for a fantastic cause, plus there might be a pie

Who The Devil is… Will Keane?

The League of Scotsmen strikes again! Thanks to some hard negotiation (we can only assume), Owen Coyle has finally persuaded David Moyes to ‘lend’ him Will Keane for a bit – until New Year’s

Wigan 0-1 Brighton match highlights and reaction

After Saturday’s exhibition of defective (and deflective?) marksmanship, I suggested a post-mortem might be on the way. We can avoid unnecessary waffle, however, by summing it all up in one paragraph, so here goes.