July 15, 2024
Press conference

PWU at a recent press conference. Now don't ask me which one's which. (c)Mikael Risedal

Press conference
The PWU delegation at a recent press conference. Now don’t ask me which one’s which. (c)Mikael Risedal

Dear reader,

You are cordially invited to the recording of Progress With Unity’s first open forum, which will take place on Wednesday 15th October at the Beech Hill Book Cycle Studios at 7pm. Refreshments and witty replies will be provided, but we want you to bring the questions. Yes, after 100 episodes we have finally run out of topics to talk about, so the floor will be open to any and all Latics-related queries… as long as we haven’t answered them before. To this end, here is a list of the 3,980 subjects that have been brought up on previous podcasts.

Only joking, it’s more like the same 10 questions recycled at the start of each calendar month. That said, I was still too lazy to write them down, so just be sure not to ask about Krispy Kreme – certain panellists don’t like it.

Speaking of panellists, there will be the usual assortment of faceless talking heads (this is radio, after all) plus potential special guests you will probably have heard of. Personally, I believe it’s worth making the trip just for Statman’s first public appearance since his time on Baddiel and Skinner’s Fantasy Football. Oh wait, I think that was a different Statman, or perhaps Basil Brush.

Where the heck is this thing happening?

JWAW was going to catch up with organiser Barry Worthington, but decided to blatantly cut and paste text from his article at Vital Wigan instead. And here is said text:

The recording takes place on Wednesday at the Beech Hill Book Cycle (old Beech Hill Library), Buckley St West, Wigan WN2 7PQ, between 7pm and 8pm, we’d ask that you would be there from 6:45pm at the latest so we can get set up.

Wait, wasn’t this supposed to be a letter? *Clears throat*

Please find enclosed the latest episode of Progress With Unity to be consumed at your leisure.

I look forward to your replies with great relish. And mustard, but certainly not mayonnaise or Krispy Kreme doughnut topping.

Yours faithfully,

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