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Thank you, Wigan – a message from the Superior One

Good morning, peasants of Wiggum. I, the Superior One, demand your undivided attention for a brief moment. My agent has ordered me to address you, the good residents of Hell, Lancashire. I am under

AGL Media Podcast 05 – Magic Weekend

“It’s not about the result, it’s about the cha-cha-chinnnng! I mean, er… the experience gained.” – Anonymous on pre-season friendlies with Man United and Liverpool. “Hey kid, fancy one of these scarves for today’s

Wigan 0 Liverpool 2: Welcome to Hell

Welcome to Wigan. We don’t have a Waitrose, Harrods, John Lewis, Morrisons, an airport, a cathedral, a glass museum… or very much at all, come to think of it. But the one thing we

Wigan 0 Manchester United 2: Too much respect

“The reason we struggled to beat any of the Big Four for so long,” spake the sage of Latics legend, “is because we gave them all too much respect.” I can’t remember whether it

Euro 2016: The Final Word

AKA a sublime chocolate box of random observations from the 2016 European Championships. Will you pull out a Turkish Delight coconut abomination or the triple caramel supreme with double cream? Why not stick in

Players of Euro 2016: Alternative Edition

So Portugal took the Euro 2016 trophy. So the limping Ronaldo took all credit as he wept, partially through pain but mostly the joy of victory. So far, so utterly predictable, humdrum, run of