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Wigan 1-4 Barnsley: Dog days

End of season dinner time. As the nation prepared to park their hounds outside polling stations island-wide, Wigan Athletic’s resident canines were leashed firmly to a large post inside the DW Stadium. Ever-so-slightly tender,

Blackpool 0-4 Wigan: Latics Mythbusting

As you read this message in the year 2036, much of Blackpool vs. Wigan ’16 has passed into the annals of Latics lore. Scarcely has a single game of kickball received quite as much

Wigan 4-1 Southend: Orchestrated Muppetry

Francis E Dec had it right all along. In this world-wide four billion eyesight camera mass multimedia generation, aren’t we all puppets? I only ask because I just discovered I’ve had a large wooden

Burton 1-1 Wigan: Cautious Corner

Iiiiin this corner, reigning League Two Champions and proud owners of the division’s best defensive record, sometime leaders of the Teletext League Table, the mighty Biscuit Men of east Staffordshire! In the silver and

Doncaster 3-1 Wigan: Brain fart

Oh, haven’t you noticed Wigan town centre has become more… colourful lately? Wigan Council are anticipating Latics’ promotion party by pasting large circular stickers to pavements around the town’s shopping district. The concept might

Wigan 1-0 Coventry: Merry Caldwellmas

Gary was taken aback by what he saw in the mirror. Overnight, he had grown a thick, bushy beard so long it fused with his chest hairs. “Congratulations on completing your first year as

Shrewsbury 1-5 Wigan: Chuting for the title

Hi, sporks fans! I’m ZZZ-list celebrity Alf Hart, and you’re watching Guys’ Sporks News. They’ve parachuted me in at the last minute because their regular monotone ‘expert’ clearly ain’t photogenic enough in this super