Monthly Archive:: March 2017

Wigan 0 Aston Villa 2: A grack in the googlies

Ladies and gentlemen, The King has left the building… a pirate. Sayonara, Shortsman II. Your reign was as short as your shrinking pantaloons, but we shall forever remember you as the guy who ‘wasn’t

Wigan 0 Bristol City 1: One eyed cack

Do you ever read the Beano? Of course you do, it’s the UK’s most reliable print publication alongside Nice Jugs Monthly. And as a subscriber, I can confirm the latter does indeed feature many

Change will do you bad: a true footballing paradox

There shall be no stupid teletext quiz this week. No longer shall I fiddle while Robin Park burns, because I live in fear, dear reader. For the second time in six months, I’m going

Birmingham 0 Wigan 1: The best medicine

Oh, for a season without disruption. Oh, for Championship Manager style outcomes calculated using the raw skill data of individual players. Oh, for robotic super referees that make hypercorrect decisions 100.2% of the time.

Blackburn 1 Wigan 0: Embrace Your Inner Chicken

The author apologises in advance for making you hungry. That’s how they getcha, those treacherous swines. They lure you in by branding you a coward, a recreant, a flapping great chicken. And once you’re