July 15, 2024

The Euros are here, and so is AGL’s obligatory preview podcast! This summer special edition was recorded at the Wacky Warehouse, Robin Park, a John Stones’s throw away from Stade DW on a suitably fiery spring afternoon.

Dan, Kieran and Liam address a range of wacky topics including wild and windy pre-season tours, silly Euro 2016 puns and outside bets for Eurocup winners.

Bonus: With a ‘special appearance’ from that world-renowned Gala tribute act, the Northern Ireland football team. Wacky indeed.

Updated fantasy football team names!


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Timecodes (spoilers)

0:00 Wacky intros and wacky wagers
3:30 England: beware building a team around Rooney
16:00 Quick Quiz: the Latics, past and present, playing at Euro 2016
18:30 ‘Wacky’ Wales: don’t forget Gareth Bale
21:40 Northern Ireland: is Will Grigg even going to get a game at the Euros?
34:10 Wacky Euro 2016 fantasy football team punfest
37:50 Liam’s pre-season friendly tour of the north west
42:20 Latics v Liverpool and summer special zine
46:00 Bonus Boycey chat

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