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50 Years Can’t Hurt: 1966 World Cup Exhibition at the National Football Museum

I stand, utterly transfixed by the (presumably) deliberate contrast of imagery. As ‘Three Lions’ provides a bittersweet soundtrack to England’s nut-crushing defeat at the hands of Germany in World Cup 2010, I’m reminded of

101 more of the funniest and best Euro 2016 fantasy football team names

They’re an ambitious lot, that bunch at All Gone Latics. Upon reading 101 Goals’ list of the funniest Euro 2016 fantasy football team names, they instantly boasted they could defeat the nation’s collective wit

AGL Media Podcast 04 – Euro 2016 vs Silly Season

The Euros are here, and so is AGL’s obligatory preview podcast! This summer special edition was recorded at the Wacky Warehouse, Robin Park, a John Stones’s throw away from Stade DW on a suitably

He’s on fire… no he isn’t… yes he is! The Will Grigg Wikipedia Edit Wars

Beatlemania, Henmania and Pottermania. All genuine crazes of generations long past, but nowhere near as widespread as the Griggmania rapidly infecting our planet via those there burning Internet tubes. When an association football player’s