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Wigan 1 Leeds 1: Just let her go

There is a damp stain at the top of my bathroom wall. As it is growing larger every day, it will eventually consume the whole ceiling, and maybe even cause the total collapse of

Reading 1 Wigan 0: Hasta la pasta, gravy

In this post-fact world, it is difficult to know who you can trust. So trust nobody, not even yourself. Latics lifting the FA Cup in 2013? Quite clearly a hoax manufactured by cigar-chomping TV

Wigan 0 Cardiff 0: We’ll be right back

It is confirmed, my friends – Jesus is a Wiganer… still. Along with his fellow Amigos, the wonderfully named Jesus Seba has returned to represent Wigan Athletic in a post-season legends match at Ashton

Brighton 2 Wigan 1: Hau My Gaard

Happy Poundsavah Chocolate Egg Day, dear reader! As all good parents know, this is the day you can start buying your egg-shaped confectioneries as they’re heavily reduced in price following Easter Sunday. In honour

Wigan 3 Barnsley 2: The Walking… Not Quite Dead

Greetings… erm, small time weblog readers? Did I say that right? I am Ed Q Hitter, otherwise known as the actual editor of this website. You thought it was the wannabe politician, or maybe

Wigan 3 Rotherham 2: The Walking Dead

Well, ain’t that just a bummer? I missed this entire game as I was stuck at Westhoughton railway station seven whole hours waiting for a train to stop. I would even have endured a

Ipswich 3 Wigan 0: The Goofy Club

Oh, didn’t you hear? They’re trialling a new grass green coloured football in the Northern Premier League next season. Wigan wildlife activist Alf Hart has backed this move, claiming the current shade of white