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Pies, prophecies and postman puns: 100 episodes of the PWU Podcast

This article first appeared in All Gone Latics 01, October 2014. I wasn’t at Sharpy’s Restaurant back in July 2012, when the Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast was first pitched to Vital Latics

Roberto’s ‘Other’ Victories

This article first appeared in All Gone Latics 06, May 2015. Everybody knows about Roberto Martinez’s greatest successes. They’re immortalised in banners above the Grand Arcade, specially themed season review DVDs and doodles of

Let’s Talk About (Tele)Text, Baby

This article first appeared in All Gone Latics 01, October 2014. July 1998 was a wonderful month for the young JWAW. For one thing, he had the luxury of replacing his yellowing Wigan Evening

Wigan At The Transfer Window

Well, here we are. 2015 is upon us and the next few months look absolutely critical for Wigan as the club will now have to scratch and claw through the remainder of the campaign

The Story So Far: Can Wigan Recover and Save their Season?

While Wigan Athletic have been used to making the headlines during the last five years or so, this has largely been for positive reasons. Responsible for one of the biggest FA Cup upsets in

Wembley Week Special: Pages From JWAW Text

That grandiose title might suggest a juicy week of freshly-squeezed opinion pieces here at JWAW, but don’t hold your breath – you can bet I’ll have exhausted my supply of Wembley-related quips by tomorrow

Things we learned this week – Move over, Aunt Bessie

Admittedly, I did not commit my full attention to Friday night’s international incident… yes, I believe that’s a suitable term for what transpired. But the occasional cursory glimpse from my late-night livestreaming exploits is