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Birmingham 0-1 Wigan: ‘Tis the (end of) season

As Uwe Rosler approached the DW Stadium on Monday morning, he was nigh on suffocated by reporters and small time internet webloggers clamouring for an explanation. “Uwe,” screamed a strangled voice from the rabble,

Wigan 0-2 Blackpool: Orange you worried now?

If you’ve ever watched the London Marathon on television, you’ll have noticed how competitors always save some energy for the final 200 metre sprint. During the 26 miles up to that point, they help

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 85: Dream Team

So you thought you might like to listen to the show? To hear the noise of delusion, PWU’s Facebook-esque… erm, moan? Hmm, I never was much of a lyricist. Also it’s a good job

Burnley 2-0 Wigan: No yolk as eggs-emplary Burnley poach Prem spot

I am not in a good mood today, folks. Those canny newsagents have cottoned on to my usual masterplan of buying up chocolate eggs when they’re reduced on Easter Monday. Much to my annoyance,

Wigan 3-0 Reading: Beachin’

“Can they put the seal on it? Jarrett’s cross… Ellington. It would be so appropriate… it is very appropriate. Nathan Ellington scores, and Wigan Athletic are on their way to the Premiership!” — Excitable

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 84: More Pointless discussion

To make a Wembley sandwich, you most certainly require a delicious filling. Once you’ve developed a taste for the place you immediately crave more, and Easter Weekend provides an early chance to pilfer some

Wigan 1-1 Arsenal AET (2-4 on pens): Reality check?

“You see that FA Cup and you want to get hold of it, you want to kiss it. There’s something about it that’s magical.” — Dave Whelan on the little tin drinking vessel. There’s