June 16, 2024

Wenger and Rosler battle it out on the Wembley touchline. (c)Hannes Grobe/AWI

Wenger and Rosler  battle it out on the Wembley touchline. (c)Hannes Grobe/AWI
Wenger and Rosler battle it out on the Wembley touchline. (c)Hannes Grobe/AWI

To make a Wembley sandwich, you most certainly require a delicious filling. Once you’ve developed a taste for the place you immediately crave more, and Easter Weekend provides an early chance to pilfer some Wembley-flavoured butty paste from the (portable) fridges of Reading and Burnley. Or, failing that, a couple of egg-ceptional chocolate treats at the very least.

Back to the day job, then. The formula is thus: three wins from five games guarantee a play-off spot. Where are they gonna come from? Who’s gonna rise, who’s gonna fall? Jeez, that sounds like an FA Cup Final song we could have been writing right now. Sob…

Contents: Farewell Wembley, Hello Wembley? (0:00); Arsenal review including Semi Final Statman (1:20) and Paul T Penalty Question Time (12:40); A Good Friday with Reading? (21:30); fixture shakedown (24:40); Congratulations to newly-promoted Leicester City and Latics reminiscence (32:12); Royal (Family?) predictions (35:13); Burnley predictions (36:45); yet more Pointless discussion (39:35)

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Jason Roberts
Did I mention that Jason Roberts has retired? Well I have now. (c)Illarterate

It’s always sad to see an old friend leave, and we never thought we’d be able to say that about the FA Cup. Mr Whelan *might* have been able to, but ended up in a hospital bed after breaking his… erm, New Year’s Resolution of… not breaking his leg. Cough. Moving swiftly on, I should also say that PWU’s iTunes, RSS and app pages remain a constant source of Latics chatter, so bookmark those links to keep tabs on the many WWE-style PWU storylines.

A quick note before I leave – there are no Prem games on Friday, which might explain why we have top-flight ref Craig Pawson. Or not – this site is about as reliable as Danny Baker’s Wikipedia page.

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