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PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 85: Dream Team

So you thought you might like to listen to the show? To hear the noise of delusion, PWU’s Facebook-esque… erm, moan? Hmm, I never was much of a lyricist. Also it’s a good job

Burnley 2-0 Wigan: No yolk as eggs-emplary Burnley poach Prem spot

I am not in a good mood today, folks. Those canny newsagents have cottoned on to my usual masterplan of buying up chocolate eggs when they’re reduced on Easter Monday. Much to my annoyance,

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 84: More Pointless discussion

To make a Wembley sandwich, you most certainly require a delicious filling. Once you’ve developed a taste for the place you immediately crave more, and Easter Weekend provides an early chance to pilfer some

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 69: Readying the parade bus

Here’s a poser for you: Where does one goal equal five points? Why, in football of course! Wigan Athletic’s impressive impersonation of a George Graham Arsenal team is a refreshing antidote to the hairy-legged

Wigan 0-0 Burnley: Tough turkeys

Thanks to the ever-growing pile of hate mail accumulating in my dog’s bed, I am once again forced to apologise, this time for my vaguely scatological assessment of the other weekend’s footballing events. I

Wigan v Burnley (20th March 2010) photos

Welcome back to JWAW, the shamelessly Latics-biased site with absolutely no annoying popups or adverts for completely irrelevant stuff you don’t want. Today we’ve got a few pics from the buildup to Saturday’s Wigan-Burnley

Wigan 1-0 Burnley: Rodders' late, late show

Reminiscing upon this afternoon’s match, I was reminded of an October afternoon in 2005 when Wigan, having had a so-so game, grabbed a last-minute winner to dispatch Fulham 1-0 at the JJB Stadium. Pascal