Monthly Archive:: December 2013

Wigan 0-0 Burnley: Tough turkeys

Thanks to the ever-growing pile of hate mail accumulating in my dog’s bed, I am once again forced to apologise, this time for my vaguely scatological assessment of the other weekend’s footballing events. I

Wigan 0-0 Birmingham: God Gave Sausage Rolls to You

Wigan is an unsettling place for 365 days of the Earth year, but it must be particularly disturbing to land in the town centre on this, of all our pre-designated 24-hour clusters. Forget that

Reading 1-2 Wigan: All I Want For Christmas Is Uwe

In the past, we at the PWU Podcast have been accused of misreporting in the interests of bias and humour, and rightly so. ‘Play-by-play’ parrots are the past, opinionated nonsense shall soon be the

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 68: Keeping Up With Pa Jones

My goodness, this Championship campaign has been so action-packed I’ve almost forgotten the Premier League exists. There were so many fallow periods last season that we had to make do with poxy Man City

Sheff Wed A-A Wigan: Owlerton Regatta 2013

Uh oh, match abandoned? This has never happened on JWAW before, what do we do? Quickly, Dave, cut to the test card of Owen Coyle with the chalkboard girl! I’ll run down to our

Wigan 3-2 Bolton: The Finest ‘Arvest

Three short weeks ago, I was promoting this game as the Owen Coyle Festive Reunion Special, but I didn’t count on Father Davemas’ infamous impatience. I do admit it fills me with great satisfaction

NK Maribor 2-1 Wigan: When in doubt, pull a card out

A drunken sage once claimed that history is ‘more or less bunk’. Seeing as he was in the Springfield at the time, I’m fairly sure he was referring to football and its obsession with