July 16, 2024
Krispy Kreme doughnuts

The secret of Coyle's success?

Krispy Kreme doughnuts
The secret of Coyle’s success? (c)Elaine Ross Baylon

Question: What does it take for Progress With Unity‘s latent anti-Coyle sentiment to emerge? Answer: Three straight losses and an instant sacking. Never has so much vitriol been directed at an individual since the Head of Pies on the DW concourse decided to replace their Poole’s stock with Holland’s. Blasphemy!

Apparently we never wanted him, but his time at the club has been worth its weight in shorts jokes for JWAW. Not to worry, however, for the sheep puns are at the ready for Ewe Rosler’s imminent arrival. Fantastic, now I can break out the public domain farmyard animals photo library! *Rubs hands*

Contents: Leeds review with correspondent Rob (2:30) followed by lengthy, heated you-know-who debate; Coyle – spreading some bullbutter (21:00); managerial contenders (29:57); Millwall preview (41:10)

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Any more drama like this and we’ll have to consider making PWU twice weekly, so use those iTunes, RSS and app pages to great effect. Actually no, not even the Birds Eye Speed Eating World Champion could stand so much waffle – it’s the reason you aren’t even reading this paragraph right now. These closing gambits are JWAW’s blind spot, so I’m going to slip away before you even noticed I’ve pinched five minutes of your valuable time. I’ll take those and make up for the 40 hours of my life I have wasted on the loo! Cheers.

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