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Wigan 1 Leeds 1: Just let her go

There is a damp stain at the top of my bathroom wall. As it is growing larger every day, it will eventually consume the whole ceiling, and maybe even cause the total collapse of

Leeds 1 Wigan 1: Football League Oneupmanship

79 inches. If you want to beat that, you’ve got a lot of early morning stretches to complete. Competition is stiff – Dan Burn has already reached that height and is growing by the

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 119: Under con-troll

Mr Whelan would make a great stand-up comedian. Never before have his improvisational skills been more apparent than at 2:55pm on Saturday afternoon at the nightclub that is the DW Stadium. People jeering behind

Wigan 0-1 Leeds: Deconstruction

Oh football, why must you tease us so? Why do you offer us the final sweet in the packet before swiftly throwing it to the dog the moment you see us reach for it?

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 118: Phoning it in

Thank you, thank you all! We had so many positive comments about last week’s guest appearance from the resident Book Cycle fax machine that we’ve booked the human telephone for later in the season.

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 111: Post-Xmas Blues

So this is the year 2015, eh? Doesn’t look much like the future to me – where are the hovercars and entire Sunday meals in a single pill? And why haven’t Wigan Athletic won

Leeds 0-2 Wigan: Wars of the Roses Tin II: The Secret of the Booze

‘Tis the season to rejoice, for the false 9 as we know it is dead! Though Rotherham got the official killshot, it had been lumbering around like a listless zombie far longer than the