July 16, 2024
Daffy Dentistry

Darn that daffy dentistry! (c)Teddychen81

Daffy Dentistry
Daffy dentistry: “now open wide and say ‘arrrgh!'” (c)Teddychen81

So this is the year 2015, eh? Doesn’t look much like the future to me – where are the hovercars and entire Sunday meals in a single pill? And why haven’t Wigan Athletic won the Premier League trophy yet? This is nothing like Hollywood told me it would be – I want my money back, grumble grumble!

Console yourself in the familiarity of the same joke I repeat year upon year… Wigan Athletic remain unbeaten in the league this calendar year! Take a snapshot for your Pictures folder before time renders such mercies insignificant. Personally, I have a whole host of similar screengrabs, so watch out for a special feature some time before 2016 if you enjoy non-current content.

Incidentally, for those mildly interested, the dentistry analogy I wanted to make was… too obtuse for public broadcast. But when you have a rotten tooth, merely adding a cap isn’t going make much difference – the root (hyuk) of the problem is still there.

Warning: there is a four letter outburst at 26:10!

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Contents: Intros – Happy New Podcast! (0:00); Bolton doomfest (0:30); Mackay misgivings (6:40) including makeshift strikers (13:30); Wigan at the transfer window (18:10); Whelan ban: ‘orchestrated muppetry’ (21:10); not as bad as you think? (28:00); revving up for Brum: preview (32:00) including RefWatch (32:40) and predictions (35:00); Question Time: “What is success for your side?” (36:25) including From Non-league to FA Cup Glory… The Wimbledon Story (44:00)

FA Cup Wigan Athletic changing room
Don’t you forget it, Mr Beasant!

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JWAW 2009
We’ve come a long way since 2009… but JWAW has stayed exactly the same.

The recent Christmas holidays, along with the need for suitably ‘retro’ articles for the third edition of All Gone Latics (cheap plug alert) have given me the perfect excuse to trawl those festively plump JWAW archives. Dave Whelan in the news, Mr JWAW complaining about formation and finding terrible sub-‘jokes’ to fill the gap left by another 0-0 draw… yep, nothing has changed since 2009.

Well, I suppose we do have the PWU Podcast, so that’s probably a change for the better. See, those PWU Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages did not exist five years ago – what on earth would you do without them? Well, turn back to the fanzines, I guess…

This ain’t no upwardly mobile freeway…


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