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PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 111: Post-Xmas Blues

So this is the year 2015, eh? Doesn’t look much like the future to me – where are the hovercars and entire Sunday meals in a single pill? And why haven’t Wigan Athletic won

Wigan 0-1 Sheffield Wednesday: Wars of the Roses Tin III With a Vengeance

Agh, I don’t need those blasted ‘year in review’ talking heads shows on Channel 5! Every New Year’s Day, I lie back in my rocking chair and replay events of the previous year in

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 108: Bamboozling seasonal schedules

It can’t have escaped your attention that the first week of Decembermas has brought the inevitable influx of seasonal films and television advertisements, which kind of sucks for those of us hoping to leave

Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 Wigan: Lies, steak pies and astrophysics

At times of extreme drama I tend to retreat to a self-constructed bubble of peaceful ignorance, JWAW’s very own meditation chamber free of hype, over-excitement and the general madness manufactured by those entrapped by

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 107: A Sweaty Junction

Now that those meddlesome cameras have finally migrated south for winter, the Progress With Unity Podcast team can concentrate on motoring into the Mackay era without 100 gatsos flagging up their every inconsistency. Orange

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 79: Thorpy’s Big Break

This week’s episode of the Progress With Unity Podcast is full of exciting cameos, making it unlistenable- erm, unmissable for any Latics fan. Unmissable like a Ben Watson header, a Jordi Gomez penalty or

Wigan 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday: Gomez leaves Wednesday in the lurch

Please do not adjust your monitor’s V-hold, because you’re not seeing double – yesterday was indeed officially Wednesday Wednesday, Wednesday. And I apologise if you aren’t the daughter from The Addams Family but that