July 16, 2024
Playing snooker

Pot as many balls as you can. (c)Darksidex

Playing snooker
Snookering Wednesday tonight. Or Wednesday night, whatever. (c)Darksidex

This week’s episode of the Progress With Unity Podcast is full of exciting cameos, making it unlistenable- erm, unmissable for any Latics fan. Unmissable like a Ben Watson header, a Jordi Gomez penalty or a Demichelis pony tail. Not only do we have exclusive insight from TV star Paul Thorp, but Jimmy White pops by for a drink in Studio Springfield! He doesn’t say much, but you can hear him knocking balls around a green table, which is more than he usually does on telly these days.

In another coup, we also invite Manchester rock band James to the pub party around 40 minutes into the recording. As a result, this week you get not one but two songs courtesy the Springfield jukebox! Special thanks also go to resident canines Poochy and Fido for their brief but valued contributions to the overall pub atmosphere. Finally, spot the Eastenders cameo for a free canister of jellied eels! Send your timecodes to nobodywillreadthis@icanputanythinghere.com.

Contents: Faces for radio (0:00); Hyperextended Manchester City review with TV’s own Paul Thorp (1:40) including Statman (2:20), Boycey’s big break- er, block (12:10) and advance Cup Final hotel bookings (19:18); Sheffield Wednesday review with Statman 2.0 (22:00), brand new segment Kevin Friend’s Letter of the Law (25:50), Gomez the Penalty Technician (30:35) and master time-wasters (33:48); Ipswich predictions (39:14); Let’s Get Back to Wembley! (42:50)

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Tim Booth James
Funnily enough, his name *isn’t* James. (c)Smial

For further updates on the North West’s answer to Bayern Munich, PWUโ€™s iTunes, RSS and app pages provide access to heated debate and jovial pub banter about gang tackles and the forthcoming name change to Barcelona Athletic. But of course, you’ll have to look elsewhere for more from Paul, who has since been snapped up by a rival podcast, whose name shall remain unstated for the time being. You’ll find no references to those other ‘casts here… mostly because they don’t exist. Yet.

Anyhow, that’s all for the time being. Say goodnight, JWAW! All together now: “It’s only a game, so put up a real good fight…”

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