July 15, 2024

Every day is Christmas Day on Mars.

Every day is Christmas Day on Mars.
Thanks to Hollywood, every day is Christmas Day on Mars.

It can’t have escaped your attention that the first week of Decembermas has brought the inevitable influx of seasonal films and television advertisements, which kind of sucks for those of us hoping to leave Christmas shopping until 23 December… 2015. Look, who are you, my mother? Stop reminding me that people need various gift wrapped items to validate their very existence on this planet. Or Mars, or wherever.

Christmas is, much like football, inescapable. No amount of steering around the point will prevent either arriving quicker than Jeremy Clarkson driving his Mini Cooper through downtown [insert one of the 3,476 cities Top Gear has horribly offended] at a whopping 54mph. So for one moment, ignore the fat bloke in a red suit with a pint of lager in his hand. And you can add a Christmas cracker punchline here as well, if you so wish.

As is their wont, and indeed their job, the podcast regulars pick apart the wild, unkempt mane known as Wednesday v Wigan. Each has a different solution, but which will work? And will it be lonely this Christmas, without Uwe to hold responsible?

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Contents: Sicknotes (0:00); Owlin’ man: Sheffield Wednesday review including flatulent Statman (1:30), table-slamming team selections (3:30), amateur d-RAM-atics, hyuk (9:00) and Helen’s phantom goals (18:50); new pantomime villain – Krispy Q Shortsman! (21:40); Norwich preview including RefWatch (27:50) and healthy regional stereotyping (33:30), Friends Reunited (35:50), predictions (37:00) and Northern souls (39:40)

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Ten to One Teletext
Never mind Ryan Giggs, I think we need that Brian Boozler as manager. (c)Teletext

Hmm? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Mr JWAW was otherwise disposed yesterday evening, the reasons for which may relate to topics outlined in the opening paragraphs. Or, it could be the fact I’ve been snout-deep in the Xmas Calendar chocolatey Digitiser comeback for the last 5.64 days. But it’s most likely the cold I caught from the dog that’s rendered 30 November-1 December nigh on non-existent at JWAW Towers.

Ne’er you worry: PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages continue even in my absence. Nossing can stap it, not even an 80 year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger who likes to mis-spell his North American Sega video games consoles of the 1990s. Allegedly Old Ahhnie maintains an 8-hour workout per day, but I don’t believe that’s humanly possible – my combined lifetime tally stands at 25 seconds.

Let’s hang on!

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