Monthly Archive:: September 2016

The curious case of Jordi Gomez’s missing beard

The name’s Nosey Barstool, Private Investigator. I have been assigned a curious case concerning the disappearance of one Jordi ‘Gordon’ Gomez’s luxurious beard, which went missing on the morning of Friday 23rd September. The

Wigan 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1: Wowsers!

“Why hello, Chief. You’re where? I’ll be there right away!” So goes the exact same conversation between Inspector Caldwell and David O. Sharpe at precisely 7:42 every morning. Ordinarily, the latter is stationed in

Preston 1 Wigan 0: The Road to Preston Pier

“Oh, it was great fun heading down to Preston in the caravan each year – I loved the amusement arcades filled with barely functional Out Run cabinets missing their acceleration buttons. But most of

Friday Night Footbawl

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the future of televised soccerball in the United States of Kingdom: Friday Nite Footbawwwl™! (Portable smoke machines kick into ‘Super Pink Floyd’ mode. Cut to studio exterior for commencement

Wigan 0 Fulham 0, Again

Come on, you have to admit it’s hilarious. I’m still laughing four days later, and I’ll probably be chuckling about it in four years. Since it will be immortalised in [Insert ZZZ-list celebrity here]‘s

Norwich 2 Wigan 1: Law of the Beamback

“An away draw is worth 30,000 Championship points. And free pie and peas at half time.” …So goes the Ancient Wiganese proverb, the revered Law of the Beamback. Though this may at first seem

Sheffield Wednesday 2 Wigan 1: Dry birds

I see what ya did there, EFL! And it is certainly the right decision to schedule Sheffield Wednesday v Wigan for sunny, shiny September. Any later and that mischievous Big Man in the Sky