June 19, 2024
Wigan Athletic Teletext page

ITV’s Wigan Athletic statistics page, August 2009. There’s a good reason why I took a screengrab of this particular teletext page, but I can’t think what it is right now.

Wigan Athletic Teletext page
We never thought we’d top this… and we haven’t. Latics on Teletext? An absolute dream! (c)ITV

I awoke this morning with thoughts of Wembley running through my addled mind, visions of McManaman wheeling away to scenes of great jubilation in the top tier. But with a couple of monster Championship encounters first up, there’s no time for the bittersweet symptoms of cup fever quite yet!

Since two home games precede the Arsenal encounter, the Road to Wembley seems to be paved with Holland’s pie crusts and Uncle Joe’s Mint Ball wrappers. Heh, if I mention those products enough they’ll send me free stuff one of these days. I’ll clear out some space in my PO Box at the Ince-in-Makerfield Sorting Office just in case, lads.

Contents: Very formal introductions (0:00); shoutout for Freddie M (1:50); Horwich Day Trip Special (2:25) including Sir Statman; Leicester review (16:31) including Martyn Waghorn loan conditions (17:23) and Jordi Gomez Appreciation Society No. 3 (24:35); Leeds preview (33:40) including very confident predictions (38:30); excitable Millwall preview (41:00) with a brief mention for the Arsenal game; shoutout for Emma H (45:06)

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Wembley Stadium
I know it’s a week early, but what the heck.

You’ll probably have noticed Barry’s voice is somewhat different this edition, his usual dulcet tones replaced by those of a bumbling Squeaky-Voiced Teen from popular documentary series The Simpsons. Bazza’s back for next week’s Big Wembley Preview, hopefully the first of many. They’ll all be released under PWU’s iTunes, RSS and app record labels along with Gareth Hilton’s a capella cover of We Beat Man City (With a Watson Goal).

Ah’m frum Wiggin, me!

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