July 15, 2024
PWU party vehicle

Agh no! One cross-continental trek and me car's already a regular Mystery Machine (c)SuperTank17

PWU party vehicle
Agh no! One cross-continental trek and me car’s already a regular Mystery Machine. (c)SuperTank17

Whoever said Latics had no fans? A good chunk of those 100,000 spectators at the Yeovil game on Sunday must have been from the north west. Nope, all the pictures that made it seem as though there were about fifty have been fabricated in the name of cheap ‘entertainment’. Keep it to yourself, but I may be responsible for such an astronomical gate – I phoned Rent-A-Fan prior to the game to cash in fifteen years’ worth of coupons. Oh, whoops!

Before you get all excited about our latest win, know this: Wigan have a butt-busting ten games in December. That’s the equivalent of… eight games a week (copyright Lennon/McCartney), so that emergency loan window might be smashed in unceremonious fashion to grab Will Keane before it has time to close. Blasted slow-moving electronic shutters! I’m going back to plasterboard.

Oh crumbs, I’m about to be booked by my publisher for timewasting! Better stop taking long run-ups for these throw-ins. Sorry, won’t happen again, sir.

(Blooming Championship refs!)

Contents: Rubin Kazan review (2:40) including the ever-popular StatMan; Yeovil review (10:39); Welcome return of RefWatch (15:39); Intense strategic planning (22:00);  LoanWatch (0:00); international break preview (boo!) (36:36); What makes a Latics legend? (38:50)

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Need I remind you of them there PWU iTunes, RSS and app pages? Go on then… but wait, I just did. I have to start formulating sentences in my mind before I speak, or type, as is the case in this instance. Meh, these blog posts are just glorified transcriptions of the strange conversations I conduct in my own brain, except the combined internets have a reality TV-esque view of it all.

Wait, are you still here? Ahem… Perhaps coming next week: an FA Cup Final Where Are They Now? like off of that programme on the BBC. You know, Crimewatch. Latics certainly pilfered the FA Cup from Manchester City’s clutches in an almost illegal fashion. Good night, and don’t have nightmares.

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