July 16, 2024
Callum McManaman Believe

One thinks our Roy's been watching his FA Cup FInal DVD

Callum McManaman Believe
One thinks our Roy’s been watching his FA Cup Final DVD.

The mainstream media is today reporting that Callum McManaman “isn’t out of Roy Hodgson’s radar” for a somewhat surprising international call-up. One’s immediate reaction to this might be, “were PWU‘s Kendrick or Farrimond at that press conference to ask the question?” Twitter, that most reliable of online sources, seems to indicate otherwise, though evidence suggests the England boss namechecked our Macca of his own volition.

Wait, what?

Let’s look at the evidence, Loyd Grossman-style. McManaman has played fifteen competitive games in this campaign, ten of which have been in the Championship, four in Europe and one in the Community Shield. In total, that’s approximately 787 minutes for no goals and one red card. Thanks go not to StatMan, but ESPNFC for that mildly compelling –if largely useless– statistic.

Admittedly, McManaman has been hampered by injury and is only now forging his way back into the first team. Glimpses of his sparkling FA Cup form are starting to appear, and should he experience a largely unblemished run in the first team, JWAW tips him for bigger things. But don’t get cocky now, Macca (because I know you’re reading this), as I think I saw Hodgson drive away with Whelan for a free fish supper at Sharpy’s.

Not that we would make stuff up in the name of entertainment (heheh), but I have to confirm the previous sentence was a bigger fabrication than that recent story alleging Owen Coyle wears trousers to bed.

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