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Blackpool 1-3 Wigan: The Last Resort

Don’t let the February weather or those twelve remaining games convince you otherwise – today’s match was as significant as any end-of-season decider deep into April or at the beginning of May. West Ham

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 117: Latics tacenda

You know, sometimes it is better not to state the plainly obvious. Though I haven’t explicitly shouted it out loud before today, there exists an undoubted resignation that League One football is a prospect

Wigan 0-1 Cardiff: Wigan Time running out

How times change. Almost exactly five years ago, all we genuinely had to complain about was the quality of the DW surface. This season, it is just one of a veritable selection box of

Wigan 0-3 Charlton: Danger de mort

Ah, that’s what I like to see! As recent visitors to Liverpudlia may well know, Latics are once again causing chip paper murmurings outside the good parish of Inner Pieville. For the first time

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 116: Chicken run

Well, fancy that. I thought the Kentucky Derby was that queue for fried chicken in Wigan town centre of a lunchtime, but apparently it’s also a ball-rolling game at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. And no,

Reading 0-1 Wigan: The Great Pancake Race

So I just looked at my calendar and apparently today has been designated Pancake Day. Well, if you really want me to give up the silly jokes for Lent, I shall make it my

Porn stars and piracy: the cut-throat world of football stickers with author Greg Lansdowne

It’s amazing how those bits of sticky paper had a mesmeric effect on an eight year old kid. It must be part of the human condition to endeavour to finish things, hence the intense