July 15, 2024
Donkey rides

"Come on, Neddy, smile for the picture! No, I was talking to the donkey..."

Car of Pens
Unlike Wigan Athletic, this car is a definite write-off (snigger).(c)BrockenInaglory

You know, sometimes it is better not to state the plainly obvious. Though I haven’t explicitly shouted it out loud before today, there exists an undoubted resignation that League One football is a prospect as real as the Ghostbusters in that 80s cartoon series. Well, if it’s in the name they must be ‘real’! Anyway, results of the last seven days have forced me into full-on Motty mode, but at least that’s out of the way and we can go back to the Kevin Friend postman puns now.

Just like last in 2011, Blackpool is Wigan’s Athletic’s last resort (hurhur) in the search for survival. The heady, sunny days of Premier League football are but a faded memory in the dog-eared scrapbook of time, a distant reminder of an era when the mighty Lancashire ruled the Premier League with a meaty (and potatoey) fist. This money merry-go-round we call the Football League can be cruel indeed.

Listen as that bloke from JWAW gets into a heated argument about the quality of the DW surface! Groan at the endless Blackpool beach jokes! Cry at Wigan Athletic’s rapidly deteriorating league situation! Fall asleep at Barry’s poor choice of end song!

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Contents: Intros 1 Wigan Athletic 0 (0:00); Charlton and Cardiff complaints (1:00) including where’s the improvement? (7:00) and the finer points of the offside rule (10:55); Statman’s Numbers Game: Malky’s record (12:25); PWU Question of the Week: Caldwell for Coach? (14:30); down by February (17:25) including Seaside Special (19:30) and falling to pieces? (22:30); pitched battle (28:20); The Last Resort: Blackpool preview (34:30) including still a chance? (39:30), Barry’s Rant: False Dawns (47:00) and an a-mule-ing joke (50:00)

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Donkey rides
“Come on, Neddy, smile for the picture! No, I was talking to the donkey…”

Fancy a bit of a knees up, Ma Brown? Well you’re in luck, because the ever resourceful Latics United are spearheading a campaign to rifle through ninety songs in as many minutes on the Bloomfield terraces this Saturday. But be careful to ask before squeezing a grand piano through the turnstiles – and don’t say I didn’t warn you. JWAW cannot be held accountable (yet again) for the 1% that actually take these posts seriously.

Anyhow, here’s a tune for you all to hum! (No, not the forced 30 second advert… hit skip as soon as you can.)

Guys, if The Undertaker’s 4000-year streak can be broken, then Wigan can surely defeat Blackpool. Regularly check the PWU Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages for the latest storylines and inside information as to whether Stone Cold Laticus will finally win… though I warn you, he may have to turn heel first.

What do you mean, that’s already happened?! Duuuun duuun du duun…

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