July 16, 2024

Can I have extra fries and beans with my order, please?

Can I have extra fries and beans with my order, please?
Can I have extra fries and beans with my order, please?

Well, fancy that. I thought the Kentucky Derby was that queue for fried chicken in Wigan town centre of a lunchtime, but apparently it’s also a ball-rolling game at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. And no, for once that’s not a tenuous JWAW analogy, rather Barry’s witty comparison of Wigan Athletic’s current situation to another, more serious game. Yeah, I mean, you can’t win an inflatable alien or stuffed teddy bears by scoring a goal in football.

The two-week JWAW-designated February break has coincided with an extremely welcome three points to create a noticeably chipper atmosphere at Studio PWU. A good job, because the Most Boring Month of the Year could have endangered PWU’s very existence – in fact, we almost considered thinking about changing the title to ‘Wigan Apathetic’. Almost.

It may still happen, though. Let’s see what happens in the coming six days… if you never hear from us again, you can assume we forgot all about the podcast and spent our Wednesday evening completing FIFA International Soccer on the Mega Drive for the umpteenth time.

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Contents: Reading is fun: a Royal review (0:00) including the £25,000 cost of a win (1:00) and Paul Kendrick’s eleven minutes of stoppage time (10:00); Friday night fixtures advantage (11:55) including back to the Seventies (16:30) and cleaner sheets than a launderette (21:20); PWU Question of the Week: Friday Night’s Alright? (23:20); potential post transfer window activity (29:10); kicking the Addick-tion – Charlton preview (36:00); Donkey Derby: Cardiff preview (42:00) including in the hole for three points (46:40); Cheap Plug of the Week: All Gone Latics 04 (51:30)

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Crocodile teeth
Sadly the wind stuck and I stayed like this after Pearce scored. I’ll take that exchange rate, however… (c)ezhuttukari

Oh no, there are only 24 hours until Wigan’s next game! Must get through this editorial as quickly as possible in order to prepare. Erm, small time internet weblog… something about biscuits, note to the milkman, teletext page 303. Rate, comment, subscribe… buy my merchandise, PWU Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages.

Excellent, I’m making good time now. I won’t have to skip the final 100yards to Wigan Wallgate or forego a spell chick when I get back too thee office. Oh, who am I kiddign? I never flippin’ re-read these posdts for consistency. Anyway, don’t forget to buy a copy of All Gone Latics or you won’t be invited to my wedding next week.

(That last sentence will make more sense once you’ve listened to the show in its entirety. Maybe.)

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