July 19, 2024
All Gone Latics 03 cover

Don't press it!

All Gone Latics 03 cover
All Gone Latics 03: Don’t press it!

I am told that a batch of shiny new fanzines arrived at the All Gone Latics office this afternoon. However, since there are only a limited number available, I suggest you order a copy now to avoid disappointment. Not that, er, AGL is disappointing in any way, but I suspect you’d be quite cheesed off to arrive on the bridge at 2.45pm this Saturday and find there is nothing but the odd discarded staple in that box.

This issue heralds the arrival of AGL’s own agony uncle, one Dr Teletext… and I’ll grant you two free Ceefaxes if you can guess who that might be. Not to give away the answer for free, but you can tweet to him @jesusisawiganer (name purely coincidental?) to elicit a speedy response in February’s jam-packed, dodgy issue. Maybe.

Also from that JWAW bloke, because he is a lazy so-and-so who couldn’t be bothered writing new content during his Christmas holidays, a look back at what we were all doing in January of previous years. Remember the cold FA Cup Third Round tie with Hull that Scotty Sinclair might have scored in? Well, you still won’t after reading the time capsule match report. Never mind, for there is a look back at Macclesfield 2013 too.

And of course, the regular puzzles and features are present. Because there would be vehement protestations if they were forgotten, right? In particular, watch out for the interview with former Latics scout Joe Newton as it is really quite chuckleworthy. Chortle.

Order your copy of All Gone Latics 03 here or buy from the usual places before the B’burn game on Saturday. (At least, I think they’re called B’burn – that’s what teletext always used to say.)

If you feel so inclined, pre-order Issue #4 or buy a subscription and tell them JWAW sent you.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming – namely 24 hours of Pages From JWAWText. Oh boy!

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