July 16, 2024
Window cleaning

If you could see what I could see... (c)Pavel Ševela

Window cleaning
If you could see what I could see… (c)Pavel Ševela

Never you fear, dear Latic, for your Knight in Shining Double Glazing is here! The January transfer window offers an escape route from a rather smoky room… pity it’s on the 25th floor and you’ll hit the window cleaner well before the ground. But maybe those that have already departed will break your fall? Perhaps, like in those movies, it isn’t necessarily certain death?

Despite recent travails, there is a slightly more positive atmosphere in the studio, with panellists even going so far as to exchange the odd post-Xmas present. I can’t quite pinpoint exactly what might have fuelled this change of heart, though the back to work blues *may* have had something to do with last week’s critically panned Doldrum Special. Fleet-footed cricket umpire David Shepherd was right all along – 111 truly is a cursed number.

Listen to the end of this week’s ‘cast for an added bonus, as editor of the All Gone Latics fanzine Liam Sephton has kindly furnished us with some clips of his interview with former Latic backroom boy Joe Newton. He’s been quite clever, however, and made sure the clips are *just* long enough to tempt you into reading the rest in this month’s edition of AGL. Remember, kids, buy it now before they sell out!

YouTube version

Contents: Matrimonial intros (0:00); Donaldson v Wigan: Birmingham review (1:30) including Dinner Dinner Statman and report from correspondent Russialatic (2:00); panic on the streets of Wigan (10:10) and outside influences? (14:20); elephants stampeding in the room (18:55); When I’m Cleaning (Transfer) Windows (24:50); B’burn succinct teletext preview (34:20) including Statman 2 (37:00) and positively negative predictions (40:00); Fit Fans: looking forward to Tuesday nights (43:20); All Gone Latics #03 not-so-cheap plug (45:55) with Joe Newton interview (49:00)

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Malky Mackay Panini
Ah, sticker albums. Home of the Greatest Haircuts Known to Man. (c)Panini

And so we inevitably come to the criminally overlooked JWAW editorial section of this post. I’d just like to take a second to talk to you about… football stickers. The dangers of collecting them are very real, for one cannot simply leave a book half completed. One must endeavour to collect them all (the stickers, that is), even if it means waiting a whole year for the sticker packs to appear in ‘5 for £1′ bins at PoundSava.

Mr JWAW has his finger in a couple of steamin’ hot Merlini (slightly biased portmanteau of Merlin and Panini) meat ‘n’ taters with regard to said hazardously addictive pastime. Nope, he hasn’t given up his day job to embark upon a quest to find the three stickers missing from his 1995 collection, but you can expect some vaguely related nostalgic content to appear here in the coming months. Don’t tell everyone, though, as it’s supposed to be a surprise.

Did you hear me, people at the back? I said it’s supposed to be a surprise! Ahem. More on that soon via JWAW and the Progress With Unity Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages. Use them… if you dare.

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