England v Chile: Jean Beausejour’s big TV date

Early portable TV

Grab the coat hanger and tune in early to eradicate that interference.

Ready your VCRs and Videoplus+ boxes! Energetic Latics wingman Jean Beausejour could return to action for Chile against England tonight, and it’s being shown live on ITV.

The game kicks off at 8.00pm, so dig out an old episode of Top Gear you don’t mind taping over (they’re all on Freeview TV channel Dave anyway) to catch one of our very own on the telly. Even if Jean doesn’t take to the pitch, it’s always great to see Wigan players sat on the bench when the camera shows a manager looking a tad peeved. “Look, that’s Jean Beausejour in the background! Let’s give him a wave.” Though remember he can’t see you from inside the TV – it’s a one-way thing like blacked out windows or those cheap shades you can buy for a Euro from Benidorm market.

Beausejour has been out of action with a foot niggle of late, but Owen ‘Gaffa’ Coyle is hopeful that he might play some part in the evening’s proceedings:

Obviously him getting some game-time under his belt helps us indirectly, and we wish him all the best. — Owen Coyle

The Chilean Dynamo, as I just dubbed him, has another chance of adding to his international caps tally when he travels to Brazil for another friendly on Tuesday. If nothing else, he’ll be able to look out of the plane window and marvel at the wonders of the pristine Atlantic Ocean. Or just play some FIFA on his PSP, whatever suits him better.

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