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Brentford 3-0 Wigan: Blue Monday

(Well, Tuesday, seeing as this didn’t publish on time…) It’s a weird feeling, you know. To come face to face with the final game of the season and have naught but a McFastFood ‘luncheon’

Wigan 0-1 Wolves: Wolves ravage Latics wild card

Just when you thought Wigan Time was over… the Football League go and put the clocks back! When mere goal difference can be the deciding factor in a relegation love (hate?) triangle, three whole

Wigan 2-1 Brighton: Chowing down on Colonel Cald’s secret sauce

Thumbing through my inbox this week, I was delighted to discover a ‘personal email from Gary Caldwell’… correspondence from Superman himself! Sadly I only got a brief glimpse before accidentally deleting it along with

Millwall 2-0 Wigan: Bong fu fighting

Well, wasn’t that a great gesture? The kindly powers that be have provided a very special plaque for those individuals braver than I, the ones that travelled precisely 217 miles to watch Latics los-

Fulham 2-2 Wigan: Some things you just can’t change

“Oooone ooof usss! Oooone oof usss!” Why is that the only thing I can remember from the various interviews and press conferences surrounding Gary Caldwell’s appointment as (temporary?) Wigan Athletic manager this week? At

Wigan 0-2 Derby: Easter Sack Hop

I had a Eureka moment this Easter weekend. As someone who barely gets the opportunity to watch games featuring anyone other than Wigan Athletic, it can be hard to retain any sort of perspective

Middlesbrough 1-0 Wigan: Uwe Was a Smoggie

Win or lose, April is a time of celebration for one Wigan Athletic blog at the very least. It is the month we remember the birth of that eponymous Wiganer of Jesus Was a