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Bolton 3-1 Wigan: It has to end here

What’s this, eh? I thought the only Friday in professional football was Lillestrom’s Nigerian striker Fred Friday, but apparently this most revered of pre-weekend days hosts matches now. Hmm, let me consult the archives…

Wigan 1-0 Blackpool: Men Against Boyeson

Hangovers are invariably horrendous, and I’m not just talking about the films. I’m dreading that sobering up process even more than a marathon of said movie franchise, as after a spot of Callum McChamomile

Charlton 2-1 Wigan: CHARLTON emerge victorious!

Fancy a spot of cheeky time travel on this unseasonably windy Saturday evening? Why not – it’ll be a welcome distraction from the three days of nose-hair trimming until our next fixture. The (electronic)

Birmingham 0-1 Wigan: ‘Tis the (end of) season

As Uwe Rosler approached the DW Stadium on Monday morning, he was nigh on suffocated by reporters and small time internet webloggers clamouring for an explanation. “Uwe,” screamed a strangled voice from the rabble,

Wigan 3-3 MK Dons: FA Cup in the pink of health

As Latics were cruelly consigned to the Premier League’s less wealthy ‘concrete car park training league’, there were concerns that it would be boring. “The football, and referees, are awful,” they said. While the

Wigan 3-2 Bolton: The Finest ‘Arvest

Three short weeks ago, I was promoting this game as the Owen Coyle Festive Reunion Special, but I didn’t count on Father Davemas’ infamous impatience. I do admit it fills me with great satisfaction

Callum McManaman ‘on radar’ for shock England World Cup call-up

The mainstream media is today reporting that Callum McManaman “isn’t out of Roy Hodgson’s radar” for a somewhat surprising international call-up. One’s immediate reaction to this might be, “were PWU‘s Kendrick or Farrimond at