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Wigan 2-2 Tottenham: The power of positive thinking

Phew, it’s getting a bit tight now, isn’t it? As phenomenally demoralising as last weekend might have been, Latics once again had the chance to pull themselves clear of that media mosh pit that

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 42: Indecisiveness prohibited

The seeds of apprehension planted last week are beginning to sprout into saplings of nervousness. After such a devastating weekend, can you blame us? But spirits are relatively high considering Wigan’s current situation –

West Ham 2-0 Wigan: Today’s lesson – effort ≠ success

They occur every season, those pivotal games that can dictate the outcome of a whole campaign. Though today wasn’t quite as important as Blackpool 2011 or Blackburn 2012 –don’t worry, contests of that magnitude

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 41: On the Road Omnibus

A surprisingly subdued edition considering the events of this past weekend. Perhaps Wednesday evening’s result put a dampener on proceedings, or maybe it’s the FA’s questionable decision to ruthlessly push the cup final kick-off

Man City 1-0 Wigan: May the best team lose

This post was always going to be difficult to complete without constantly referencing the weekend, so I shall attempt to work it out of my system in the opening paragraphs. “Fat chance of that,”

JWAW’s (Semi Final) Wembley Road Trip in pics

Millwall 0-2 Wigan: Is this the real life?

To relieve some pre-Wembley tension, I took a walk round Wigan town centre on Friday lunchtime. Far from taking my mind off the game, the scarf sellers bellowing ‘get yer Latics flags ‘ere!’ from