JWAW’s (Semi Final) Wembley Road Trip in pics

Wembley coach trip

First on the coach for a sunny start to the journey.

Wembley road trip breakfast pie

In-coach breakfast. Haven’t had steak pie in ages. And don’t worry, I cleaned up the mess afterwards.

The Road to Wembley

On the road to Wembley. Note how, the closer we got to the capital, the wetter it became. Strange, it’s normally the other way around.

3.30pm – 105 minutes to kickoff

Wembley arch

Finally there! Shield your eyes from the Wigan-esque drizzle and take in the sights.

Wembley coach park

A sea of Wigan coaches. That’s only a third of the car park.

Inside New Wembley Stadium

So this is what it looks like on the inside. Unnervingly red, but impressive nonetheless. Over an hour to kickoff yet…

Wembley big screen

Fenners off Soccer AM announces the lineups. Al Habsi back in the team!

Latics Wembley warmup

Great, the Latics lads made it down in one piece. Well, most of them anyway.

Latics Wembley warmup (2)

Wigan’s Wembley warmup.

Wembley Stadium big flags

Almost kick-off time. I know because there are comically large flags where the players ought to be.

Wembley pre-match

Ready to kick off now. Let’s get it on!

Match highlights

Courtesy the FA. My cinematography isn’t that good. ;)

Game won!

Millwall 0-2 Wigan.

Roberto's Wembley celebrations

Victorious, Roberto thanks his adoring supporters.

Wigan Wembley celebrations

When do we get to do it all again? Oh, that’s right, in just under a month’s time. Woohoo!

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