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Man United 4 Wigan 0: We’re watching you

It’s true – we do act differently when we know we’re being observed. Sociology has named this phenomenon the Hawthorne effect. Okay, so Mr Cadbury Q. Hawthorne (otherwise known as Henry A. Landsberger) probably

Wigan 2 Nottingham Forest 0: Edge of Tomorrow

Please welcome Warren Garton Joyce, Wigan Athletic’s newest and foremost ‘edgelord’. The sort of guy who, like a dog, watches you eat for fifteen minutes before snatching that precious final morsel of tuna casserole

From the DW Stadium to Stamford Bridge: The Magic of the FA (Youth) Cup

Oooh, don’t they grow up so fast? One month they’re turning out against Wigan Athletic in the FA Youth Cup, the next they’re facing Chelsea’s first team in the actual FA Ben Watson Memorial

Bury 4-0 Wigan: Rose tinted asses

Wait, really? The FA Cu- er, that competition again? Gah, I bet my sub editor £20 I wouldn’t explicitly mention the events of 2013 for the duration of this calendar month… Gnnngh, and it’s

Bolton 1-0 Wigan: Jumbo Sideshow

Ordinarily, one looks to FA Cup Third Round Day as a rare chance to relax and enjoy a break from the ‘day job’ of the Football League, a sideshow, if you will. ..Ooh, I’m

Wigan 1-1 Arsenal AET (2-4 on pens): Reality check?

“You see that FA Cup and you want to get hold of it, you want to kiss it. There’s something about it that’s magical.” — Dave Whelan on the little tin drinking vessel. There’s

Manchester City 1-2 Wigan: The Spirit of Sir Ben

I write this article wearing my exclusive Wigan Evening Post cut-out-and-keep Ben Watson mask. I’m not the only one to embrace this curious custom – of all the bizarre things to happen in Manchester