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Bury 4-0 Wigan: Rose tinted asses

Wait, really? The FA Cu- er, that competition again? Gah, I bet my sub editor £20 I wouldn’t explicitly mention the events of 2013 for the duration of this calendar month… Gnnngh, and it’s

Bolton 1-0 Wigan: Jumbo Sideshow

Ordinarily, one looks to FA Cup Third Round Day as a rare chance to relax and enjoy a break from the ‘day job’ of the Football League, a sideshow, if you will. ..Ooh, I’m

Wigan 1-1 Arsenal AET (2-4 on pens): Reality check?

“You see that FA Cup and you want to get hold of it, you want to kiss it. There’s something about it that’s magical.” — Dave Whelan on the little tin drinking vessel. There’s

Manchester City 1-2 Wigan: The Spirit of Sir Ben

I write this article wearing my exclusive Wigan Evening Post cut-out-and-keep Ben Watson mask. I’m not the only one to embrace this curious custom – of all the bizarre things to happen in Manchester

Cardiff 1-2 Wigan: Slaying the Dragons of Cardiff Castle Keep

Latics may be out of the UEFA Cup, but the opportunity to play abroad still exists in the form of the good ol’ FA Cup. If you don’t count Wales as ‘abroad’, consider this:

Wigan 2-1 Crystal Palace: Mini-giant killing

Cancel everything this instant – Wigan Athletic have already been presented with the FA Cup! Yes, I know it’s only a three-quarter replica to replace the real McCoy (McClean? McManaman? McArth…) next to those

MK Dons 1-3 Wigan: Don Uwe Forget About Me

It was with great disappointment I learned that Sir Ben Watson had been harshly overlooked for the much-vaunted Ballon D’or (literal French: ‘accurate ball-kicking’) award. It is understandable that he could not attend the